Karmøygeddon 24

NervoChaos med ukoselig nattasang

av yngve

'Lullaby Of Obliteration' er bandets nye video.

Vi kjører igjen premiere, det er Fernando@Mighty Music som drar på med tips, og du leser mer om bandet og det kommende albumet under her.

"The end of our civilization is upon us; dirty politicians plotting the planet’s destruction, men and women fighting for their lives, nuclear missiles being launched and the world is obliterated. This song captures perfectly this apocalyptic atmosphere, with some tempo changes and several moods that shift between death and thrash metal."


Nyhet fra 17.02.23:

Ny video fra bandet, vi kjører premiere.

Det er Fernando@Mighty Music som tipser, låten er Taphephobia, som jo er frykten for å begraves levende, og hvem i alle dager har ikke det? 

"The song, based on the phobia of being buried alive, starts in a really heavy mode, with a somber ambient, and continues in a growing mode. The Brazilians capture like almost anyone else the claustrophobic and desperate feeling of waking up inside a coffin and to realise that you were buried alive.

Oppressive, fast, heavy, and technical, it's South-American death metal at its best."


Nyhet fra 13.01.23:

Nervochaos 23

Bandet stiller med smakebit fra sitt nye album. 

Skiva, 'Chthonic Wrath', kommer via Emanzipation Productions 31. mars, takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

"New official video and digital single from the Brazilian death metal institution NervoChaos. Apart from the track, which is one of the strongest in the album, the whole video art is just amazing."