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Nevermore, the complete collection

av yngve

UnnamedBoksen inneholder en bråte med materiale.

Først, boksen var ikke påtenkt som en hyllest til avdøde Dane, som vi mistet 13. desember i fjor, men var allerede i systemet. Det opplyser Century Media.

"Unfortunately, it now marks the first release coming out after vocalist Warrel Dane passed away on December 13th, 2017, which was not only a shock to his family, fans, friends, and fellow musicians, but also to the many current and former employees at Century Media Records who had been working with him since the early 90’s. At this time, however, all parts of the box set were already being manufactured, except for the booklet, which was completed in early 2018."

Du kan bestille din kopi HER , limitert til 2000 eks, så vet du det.

The Complete Collection: "...an impressive 12-disc CD box set including all studio releases, the Year Of The Voyager live album as well as a disc of rarities. Limited to 2.000 copies, it also includes a numbered collector’s certificate, an 80-page booklet (with lyrics, photos, liner notes) plus a poster flag depicting the band’s line-up on 2005’s masterpiece This Godless Endeavor. Guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams have been involved in this project since early October 2017, with Williams also creating the artwork for this set.

Featuring quotes from historical interviews with main songwriters Jeff Loomis and Warrel DaneThe Complete Collection offers a detailed journey through one of metal’s most consistent and inspired discographies, but it was never meant to be a tribute."