Ny blitzkrieg i april

av yngve

Danske Mighty Music slipper bandets nye skive om to måneder.

Nwobhm-bandet drar på årene, og leverer metal med spor av aldring. Newcastlebandet har etter min smak vært ganske ujevne, men de er her og gjør sitt, sjekk klippet under for ny låt. Skiva er 'Judge Not', låten 'Reign Of Fire':


"Judge Not is although five years later in the Blitzkrieg world, a continuation from where the band left off from that last album release. Once again solidifying the bands roots in the British metal genre.

The Newcastle based quintet whose heritage evolves from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era some thirty-five plus years ago in the UK, and the connection with Metallica for the times the Bay Area metal giants have covered the bands’ anthem Blitzkrieg over the years, and still sporadically play it in their live set.

When the connection with Mighty Music had been made, and the band were offered a new home by the label and the opportunity to release a new album to a wider public."

Blitzkrieg 18