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Nok en smakebit fra det kommende albumet til Seattlebandet.


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Ny låt fra bandets kommende skive:


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Video til tittellåten på bandets kommende skive er her.


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Skiva kommer i desember melder Nuclear Blast.

'Damned If You Do' er bandets tolvte studioskive, og følger opp 'XI' fra 2016. Vi blir lovet "... a cross between the band's iconic Blessing In Disguise and The Human Factor" , som er store ord. Ti låter utgjør tracklisten på albumet, som Kurt Vanderhoof, gitarist, oppsummer som en ":..tough and aggressive old-school metal album while maintaining a level of musicality and melodic sensibilities."

Bandbilde, fotograf: Ukjent

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Dette er første album med Stet Howland (tidligere Wasp) bak trommene, Stet var jo i relativt dårlig forfatning for en liten tid siden, men er heldigvis tilbake i fin form.  "Soon after joining the band was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Miraculously his treatments for the aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma worked and he was able to begin recording the new album."

Stet: "From the minute we started tracking this new CD, I had the feeling that it was going to be something special. I knew that I was going to do my best to deliver a top drum performance, not only because of the high standard set by past Metal Church drummers, but also because this is my first cd release after being sick. I'm beyond happy with all aspects of this cd , great songs, great performances, great production, just an overall great cd! I love it!"

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  1. Damned If You Do
  2. The Black Things
  3. By The Numbers
  4. Revolution Underway
  5. Guillotine
  6. Rot Away
  7. Into The Fold
  8. Monkey Finger
  9. Out Of Balance
  10. The War Electric

Metal Church 18 (2)

Bandbilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Metal Church 18 Melissa Castro