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Nytt Land, sibirsk svart metal (Midgardsblot)

av yngve

Sibirsk band som spiller Norwegian black metal.  Bandet stiller på årets Midgardsblot til info.

Catia@Against Pr forteller at skiva, "...Oðal, is inspired by the traditional music of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Old Icelandic epic and the atmosphere of classic Norwegian black metal."

Nytt Land@Facebook

"This time the album was recorded without using samples; all parts of the instruments were performed live. All songs were recorded and mixed in one of the technical quality best Russian studios, Radio Sibir, which strongly affected the sound quality. All the sounds of nature were recorded in western Siberia and northern Norway."


  • Anatoly Nordman Pakhalenko – vocals, throat singing, tagelharpa, percussion, keys, programming, mixing.
  • Natalya Krauka Pakhalenko – vocals, throat singing, frame-drum, jew-harp, tin whistle.
  • Vladimir Titkov – tin whistle, recorder, tenor recorder, percussion, voice. 
  • Sergey Silitcky – drums, percussion, voice

Nytt Land 18