Obliteration, nytt album (smakebit)

av yngve

23. november dukker det opp nytt materiale fra bandet.

Takk til Jelena@Indie Recordings for tips.

Releasefest er på Revolver i Oslo 23. november. Arrangementet på Facebook .

'Cenotaph Obscure' er tittelen på skiva, allerede nå kan du smake på første singel, 'Detestation Rite'. 

Bandet skal ut på tur i desember, sammen med Aura Noir og Vorbid. 11 datoer, ingen i Norge.


Einar Sjursø (Virus, Infernö. Duplicate Records): "Cenotaph Obscure is the fourth album from Norway's death metal custodians Obliteration. Following their now classic Nekropsalms (2009) and the harrowing Black Death Horizon (2013), the latest offering further expands on the quartet's trademark sound; lead heavy oldschool death metal with distinct flavours of both doom and black metal.

Inventive yet never difficult to grasp, technical without wankery and obscure without being diffuse, Obliteration are masters at their craft. Cenotaph Obscure was recorded in Studio Cobra, Stockholm with Martin Konie Ehrencrona at the helm, lending the album an organic yet in your face production.

In perfect keeping with the music, the lyrics deal with dystopic, apocalyptic themes, extinct civilizations and interdimensional portals etc. With Cenotaph Obscure, Obliteration cement their status as leaders in the Norwegian death metal scene, delivering a grizzly yet flawless monument to Death metal the way it was meant to be; obscure, ominous and unpredictable."-


  1. Cenotaph Obscure
  2. Tumulus of Ancient Bones
  3. Orb
  4. Eldritch Summoning
  5. Detestation Rite
  6. Onto Damnation
  7. Charnel Plains
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