Karmøygeddon 24

Omegashift, intervju

av yngve

Omegashift Doctrine Cover 2022

Det foreligger et intervju med Omegashift RAMzine.

"A few weeks ago, yours truly received a digital review copy of a most evocative and musically intriguing EP titled Doctrine of Dust by the Norwegian act named Omegashift. Consisting of five lengthy and dynamic compositions that weave influences from doom metal, classic rock, stoner rock, heavy metal, and even progressive rock together to great effect, this one is an impressive slab of passionate, heartfelt metal with a gloomy atmosphere to it that certainly deserves a wider audience. RAMzine caught up with Yngve M. Jacobsen (drums), Tor Eivind Johnsen (bass), and Bjørnar M. Jacobsen (guitars) to learn and discover what makes this excellent outfit tick and what the future holds for the four-piece."

Det er Jens Neper@RAMzine som har gjennomført dette, og du finner hele intervjuet HER .

"It is to our benefit that we do not grow comfortable in a world destined for decay."