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Ottone Pesante is DoomooD!

av yngve

Verdens første brassmetalband slipper sitt tredje album. Vel blåst sier man da.

17. april kommer bandet med sitt nye album, selskapet bak er Aural Music. Fra selvslipp er det nå altså selskap på plass. "We have chosen to be a DIY band until we found someone that really cares about music and artists" sier trioen. 

"The music slows down and becomes heavier and more obscure, touching unexplored territories and experimentation... a palindrome trip into the abyss of soul in a hostile, asphyxiating, distressing environment."

Bandet: "The parasite inside us proceeds slowly, inexorable, unstoppable; it can change skin or face, it can deceive us to stop for a moment, but it will continue unabated in a dark, devastating spiral, annihilating us. The entire album was composed in a palindrome manner, like there’s a mirror on the pentagram at about half of it, that overturn the composed sequences. The climax is a ‘reverse canon superimposed’ and from which the main voice comes down in a reverse motion, sometimes strictly, sometimes changing rhythm or changing role from trumpet to trombone. Brass and drums are, as usual, the only sound source. All noises and concrete sounds come from them".


  1. Intro the Chasm
  2. Distress
  3. Tentacles
  4. Coiling of The Tubas
  5. Serpentine Serpentone
  6. Ocean on a Eco
  7. Grave
  8. Strombacea
  9. Endless Spiral Helix
  10. End Will Come When Will Ring the Black Bells

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