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Ottone Pesante, teknisk brass-metal

av yngve

15095548 1273573049372233 7383085465350658133 NItalienerne, som spiller extremmetal med blant annet trompet, er tilbake.

Gjengen slapp debutskive 1. november, Brasspemy Set In Stone, er du klar? 

Francesco forteller at de spiller "... instrumental extreme metal with trumpet, trombone and drums."

"Trumpet, trombone and drums can be together really heavy. Ottone Pesante makes a step beyond the traditional idea of Extreme Metal, based on the sound of Bass and Guitar."

Bandet turnerte mye etter fjorårets ep, de forteller at det i Italia og eller si Europa ble over 90 konserter.  

"Brassphemy Set In Stone is the evolution of Ottone Pesante. Music has become heavier, more extreme and more technical but also melodic in the same time. The album is very fast and brutal, really impressive especially for brass players. Trombstone is the only exception, a doom track that lets the listener breath.

Brutal is the first song, symbol of the Heavy Brass Metal. Nights Blood is a Melodic Death Metal track inspired by the Swedish metal band Dissection. Bone Crushing is the chosen track for the video, recorded on high mountains. The clip shows how physical Ottone Pesante music is.

Torture Machine Tool is inspired by Meshuggah, heavy riffs and a cutting trumpet solo make this track very special. Copper Sulphate is the fastest song, a grind song that make you feel in the middle of the mosh pit. The last track Apocalips, is a 4 minutes ride that continue to hurt ears and brain."

Skiva ble spilt inn live i studio, i seg selv spennende. Bandet brukte fire dager i mai/juni i år, og det var den eneste pausen fra turneringen. 


Paolo Raineri trumpet
Francesco Bucci trombone
Beppe Mondini drums


  1. Brutal 
  2. Nights Blood 
  3.  Bone Crushing 
  4.  Torture Machine Tool 
  5.  Trombstone 
  6.  Copper SulpHate 
  7.  Pig Iron 
  8.  Melodic Death Mass 
  9.  Redsmith Veins 
  10.  Apocalips

Videoen til låten 'Bone Crushing' ser du under her, besøk gjerne bandet på Facebook om du synes de er fete, eller om du vil støtte galskapen.