H Madd

Overkill flasher cover

av yngve

Thrasherne slipper nytt album i juli, det melder Nuclear Blast. Tittelen er 'White Devil Armory 'og dukker opp i hyllene 18. juli. Tracklisten ser slik ut:

  1. Freedom Rings
  2. Where There's Smoke...
  3. Pig
  4. Amorist
  5. Down To The Bone
  6. Bitter Pill
  7. King Of The Rat Bastards
  8. Another Day To Die
  9. It's All Yours
  10. In The Name

Image002Her ser du ccoveret på skiva, ikke sjokkerende spennende, men i god gammel Overkill ånd, det er det. Bandet forteller at de fortsatt jobber med skiva, men at den vil bli verdt å vente på.

Vokalist Bobby Blitz sa dette til Steepin Out Magazine om skiva: "The new record has a blend of what we've done over the past half-decade. I'm noticing it's a more punchy heavy metal record with more dimension than the last record had. Where is it going to end up on the food chain? I really don't know. But my feeling is it's an eclectic collection of moments from us. The Electric Age came across, to me, as kind of a two-dimensional thrash record. This one is punchy but has a whole different bunch of ways to go and things to hear on it."