Pain, gratis 360-onlinekonsert (12.06.20)

av yngve

Alt skjer i svenske Abyss Studio.

"With the use of 360 VR streaming technology, high-quality 8K video and 360 surround sound you will be able to participate in a private concert experience. Thanks to the band's friends and partner - the LookPort project - you will have the opportunity to stand next to the musicians in the virtual reality format during your favourite song, almost touch the equipment, walk around the studio and examine its souvenirs - such as the gold records on the walls - and much more."


Pain 20

During the broadcast, Peter Tägtgren and his fellow PAIN musicians will talk to you and answer your questions live. Stay tuned and see you in the VR dimension on June 12th at 19.00 Central European Summer Time!

On June 12th at 19.00 CEST, PAIN will be holding a free online concert at the legendary Abyss Studio in Sweden, one of the most famous recording locations in today's metal scene. It is also the personal studio for Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and mastermind Peter Tägtgren, internationally renowned as the founder of PAIN, HYPOCRISY and LINDEMANN.