Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, nytt album

av yngve

Ny video fra det kommende albumet.


Nyhet fra 20.09.20:

13. november er det duket for album fra rockerne. 

'We're The Bastards' slippes på Nuclear Blast, sjekk singelen 'Son Of A Gun' her:

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons@www

Vokalist Neil: "It’s definitely great to know that we have an audience now. We know there are people that want to hear it, but the truth is that we just had fun with it. Once again, we made the record we wanted to make and it’s been really exciting. It was awesome to take our minds off everything and just concentrate on recording a kick ass album for the fans to enjoy".

Formater: "CD, limited digipack including 4 bonus tracks, 2LP Gold, 2LP Sparkle (UK exclusive), digital album, 2 LP Orange/Black Splatter (Mailorder + Wholesale exclusive) and 2LP Black."


  1. We're The Bastards
  2. Son Of A Gun
  3. Promises Are Poison
  4. Born To Roam
  5. Animals
  6. Bite My Tongue
  7. Desert Song
  8. Keep Your Jacket On
  9. Lie To Me
  10. Riding Straight To Hell
  11. Hate Machine
  12. Destroyed
  13. Waves

Limited Digipack-bonuslåter:

  1. Big Mouth (Live) Freak Show (Live)
  2. Dark Days (Live)
  3. Rock 'n' Roll (Live)

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