Picture Ann, Film Widow

av yngve

Stemninger og nytelse fra Picture Ann.

"Film Widow (The Remastered and Extended Cut) by the relentlessly bleak purveyors of strange sounds known as Picture Ann have unearthed and released yet another ugly gem from the vault. This time around we are dealing with a previously unreleased version of an old tune from 2010 where a few minor edits and additions were done in 2020."

J.N.: "I clearly remember writing and recording the chunk of what would eventually turn into Film Widow; I had attended a deeply atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful performance by Marianne Faithful in Copenhagen one warm summer night back in 2010 and then following the show I went straight home and these riffs, melodies, and words just poured out of me. Fading beauty and the seductive quality of film noir are the topics and themes here".

Sjekk ut mer HER , det er mye balsam for huet i musikkform bak linken.

Picture Ann 21