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Picture Anns lange natt...

av yngve

Picture Ann 21

Bandet er ute med ep.

"The inimitable purveyor of dark and strange sounds from the odd corners of the metal/rock/ambient underground, i.e. the twisted entity that is Picture Ann, has conjured up a 3-track EP that is sure to wreak havoc on your lousy day. Revolving around ideas of fading beauty and the futility of human existence, bone-shattering loneliness and undecidability, and those long nights of introspective contemplation that occasionally rear their ugly heads, this particular release is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most memorable entries in the act's discography yet. An eclectic and unrefined mixture of doom metal, lo-fi ambient, and drone-esque soundscapes, The Long Night of Picture Ann is the perfect musical accompaniment to your solitary hours."