Pistols At Dawn, album

av yngve

Pistols At Dawn 22

Amerikansk hardrock med skive i august.

Det er Tom Brumpton som tipser. 

Ascension kommer via JFL Entertainment 19. august, og Atlantabandet sier de tilfører ny energi i sjangeren, ".... while maintaining its edge."

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"After independently amassing over 6 million streams and collaborating with icons such as Grammy® Award-winning producer and engineer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash), the group deliver eight anthems on their 2022 full-length album, Ascension."

"...the lead single The Truth nods to nineties alternative with a distinct and dynamic twist." Trommeslager Adam: "It revolves the around the constant noise we have in our head pushing and pulling our emotions so much that we sometimes lose total control and explode. We have to be careful to maintain our thoughts and emotions, or The Truth is that they could tear us apart."