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Pistols At Dawn, ep

av yngve

Pistols At Dawn 21

Nyhet fra 16.07.21:

Amerikanerne er klare med ep i juli. Det forteller Tom@Polymath PR.

'Nocturnal Youth' kommer 19. juli, låtene du får er:

  1. Voices
  2. Crown
  3. Now Is The Time
  4. Gone Black

"The world is ever changing but rock music is constant and unassailable. Few bands epitomize the intensity, energy, power, and vintage creativity right out of the gate like Pistols At Dawn. Simply put, Pistols At Dawn is one of the best new rock bands in America, and the best new rock band from Atlanta, Georgia since Mastodon and SevendustPistols At Dawn  has been compared to a combination of Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin Shinedown , Tool , AC/DC , Metallica , Disturbed and other universal hard rock acts, while retaining a uniquely electric, powerful, and vintage sound singular to Pistols At Dawn."

Pistols At Dawn@Facebook