Portugisisk groove/progressive metal

av yngve

Bandet kommer med ep i dag, 8. september, via Uprising! Records. Tipset kommer fra Fernando@Mighty Music.

"The title track of the Portuguese band's debut EP is a track mixing groove metal, alternative metal, and a slight progressive touch that has them including an amazing Portuguese guitar solo middle section!"


Nyhet fra 30.06.23:

Allamedah 22

Allamedah kommer med ep, sjekk videopremiere her.


Vokalist David forteller dette om teksten til låten: "We are drawn to the great unknown, to the vast expanse of possibility that lies beyond the edges of our understanding. It is a call that echoes in the depths of our souls, urging us to step outside of the familiar and embrace the mystery and wonder of the world".

Dette er andre singel fra nevnte ep, som viser at bandet har evnen til å skrive "...seemingly simple tunes, yet multi-layered. Epic in the chorus, it builds up in a perfect way and balances effortlessly melody and heaviness."