Rage, endring i lineup

av yngve

Unnamed (3)Beskjed er enkel og grei; Peavy og Victor har avsluttet samarbeidet.

Etter en pressemelding som tikket inn var det visstnok noen som trodde bandet skulle forsvinne. Her er flest melding: 

After thinking it over carefully, Peavy and Victor have decided to stop working together in the future. This is due to musical and individual changes.

"In recent years, we have developed so far apart from each other that we can no longer identify with the previous band situation. In this context we will also part ways with drummer Andre Hilgers. The last 15 years were blessed with many highlights and great releases, but this era is over now. Any continuation would be dishonest to ourselves and to our fans.We wish each other all the best!"

Deretter kom denne fra Peavey:

"Due to misleading rumors in the past few days, referring to the future of Rage and Lingua Mortis Orchestra, I would like to give some more clarity.

My split from Victor and André does NOT implicate the end of Rage! On the contrary, soon we will set sails again with a new Line-Up. More news to follow. Refuge is a blessing for me and my two friends and bandmates, and will continue to exist. We are looking forward to the festival summer of 2015 (and beyond) 

Both bands, Rage and Refuge are going to be present alongside and will even complement each other. With Refuge we are serving all the oldschool metalheads out there, whilst Rage is covering the whole musical spectrum that I have built up in the past 30 years. Lingua Mortis Orchestra I created in the early 90’s and we celebrated our first release in 1996. Equals to Rage, LMO is an important part of me and I will put in the same amount of passion and creative energy as I have done in the past.

I promise that I will go ahead with Rage in a high musical quality. With Refuge we will travel back to the early days and with Lingua Mortis Orchestra I will continue the Metal meets Classic part of me.

I can’t wait for what will happen in the near future, I feel freed and I am full of creative energy. In that respect I want to say
thank you for your trust and support."