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Razor Sharp Death Blizzard, kompromissløst

av yngve

De skotske metal-/hardcorefolka har ikke et lyst syn på framtiden.

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Jeg anmeldte forrige skive, 'You Will Burn' (2016), du leser anmeldelsen HER.

"Scottish hardcore quartet Razor Sharp Death Blizzard have returned with their brilliant new album, The World Is Fucked is set for release on July 17th." forteller promotør Tom og Polymath PR. Du sjekker ut første smakebit litt under her.

Jamie/RSDB: "When we write our songs, we almost always write in the practice room. Suicide took me by surprise by the intensity of the music. I like to stand in the room with Daz, Liam and Ross going for it so I can feel the song. The music brought out a lot of emotion in me be it anger, be it tearful. The emotion that came was the feelings for suicide I'd had off and on for a number of years and this song really helped me bring things out."

Uncompromising, Political, Loud; the perfect way to describe Scotland’s Razor Sharp Death Blizzard!

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