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Rome, 7" og album

av yngve

Rome 20 Singel

Det mørke folkrockbandet Rome er ute med låt, med prominent gjest.

Låten 'Ächtung, Baby' inkluderer Primordials Alan Averill. Skiva, 'The Lone Furrow', kommer 29. august via Trisol Music Group. Takk til Tom og Polymath for tips.

"Though to this day, the dark folk band remains one of the best kept secrets of the European  underground, Reuter is well respected as a songwriter’s songwriter, whose work has been known to  inspire and influence a variety of musicians from all across the musical spectrum. For this first single  from the upcoming album The Lone Furrow, which will feature a range of interesting guest

appearances, Rome has teamed up with metal legend Alan Averill of Primordial, whose vocal timbre and delivery complement Reuter’s vocals perfectly.


Om sangen

"The title Ächtung, Baby! (Ächtung being German for ostracism) with its Motörhead-style umlaut, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to U2’s 1991 hit album Achtung Baby, although it is needless to say that Rome's musical world is considerably darker in nature. The B-side Any Other Grey, is not your average B-side waste management, but a full-fledged rebel anthem with a yet surprisingly nonchalant vibe."

Rome 20