Rk Rockedame Heavymetal 580x80

Rome, nytt album

av yngve

C Rome Pvh Vinyl

Mørk folkrock fra nederlandske Rome. 

Det er Tom Brumpton som tipser om skiva, som kom 29. januar, tittelen er 'Parlez-Vous Hate?'.


"One of Luxembourg’s hardest working outfits, Rome, is back with a surprising new album.  Bursting with anthems; Parlez-Vous Hate? is a tongue-in-cheek, punk rock cry for freedom of expression! After  last year’s phenomenal long player, The Lone Furrow, no one was expecting Reuter to hit so soon and so hard,  but Parlez-Vous Hate? delivers on all fronts and is set for release through Trisol Music Group." 


  1. Shangri-Fa
  2. Parlez-Vous Hate?
  3. Born In The E.U.
  4. Death From Above
  5.  Panzerschokolade
  6.  Der Adler Trägt Kein Lied
  7.  Toll In The Great Death
  8.  Feral Agents
  9.  You Owe Me A Whole World
  10.  Blood For All
  11.  Alesia
  12.  Fort Nera, Eumesville