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Roy Khan, dybdeintervju

av yngve

Roy Khan 18Jeg fikk tips om et fett intervju med nordmannen. 

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Det var på et pitstop i dag tidlig hos min gode venn Lars Normann at dette intervjuet ble nevnt, og da var veien kort til Italia og skribenten som stod bak artikkelen. Jeg sakser kun et par biter, og håper dere besøker Loud And Proud , nettsiden dette er publisert på. Klikk deg inn HER og bla litt ned for en engelsk versjon.

Tusen takk til Lars og ikke minst Roman Owar som har limt sammen et interessant intervju, hvor mental helse, Kamelot, Conception og ting mange har lurt på kom på bordet på en bra måte.


Roman/Loud And Proud: After the inner turmoil you experienced in the summer of 2010, you managed to do something that would be practically impossible for any normal person: you disappeared from the face of the earth.

Roy: "Ha ha ha. I needed to get away because I was really sick. There are many sides to this story, but I felt that I was totally losing control of my life. From the moment I decided to finish my career, I sang at three other festivals but I was in a really very bad shape mentally. Some started to realize something was going absolutely wrong."

Roman/Loud And Proud: I recently read an interview in which it is reported that leaving the Kamelot was the best decision of your life. Is this your thought or has the sentence been taken out of context?

Roy: "I’ll answer you by saying that joining Kamelot also was a very good decision and I’m very proud of everything we did. That period of my life also was fantastic in so many ways and I’ve never had any severe conflict with any member of the band. Thomas Youngblood was one of my best friends, but he was so connected to what I was trying to leave behind that I had to interrupt any contact with him too. I can understand that it was hard for him and for everyone else considering twelve years of work and rewarding experiences together. I sincerely hope that no one thinks that the reasons behind my decisions were based on conflict within the band, because this is simply untrue! If I hadn’t made that decision, I’d probably be dead by now. I’m happy with the choice I made, thanks to which I’m here with you right now and able to start playing with Conception again."