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Sagntid, ny ep

av yngve

Lo-fi ambient-inspired darkness...

Nok en utgivelse fra bandet som forklarer seg som linja over her. J.N. forteller at dette er materiale som hovedsakelig stammer fra peiroden 2007-2011, og som nå er trukket fram og behandlet i 2021.

"...this gloomy little 3-track underground piece is a murky-sounding exploration of the themes of deception and loss."

J.N.: "Relentlessly Bleak is very close to my heart and means an awful lot to me on a personal level. While parts I and II (essentially the intro and outro) are professionally mastered excerpts of two previously released compositions by Sagntid, the We Were Quite Alone piece started taking shape back in 2007 when I toyed with the idea of creating a sequel to the The Streets Until Dawn track from the Socialt Opbrugt demo. If you listen to the main riff/melody line/verse in both songs and compare them, you will notice that they are exactly similar. However, We Were Quite Alone eventually took a different turn when I decided to rewrite the lyrics and record a new set of vocals for it in May this year. Some of the keyboards and synthesizers were added in May 2021 too. It has taken me roughly forever to finish this moody bad boy, but better late than never, right?"

Sagntid 21