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av yngve

Sagntid 20

Lo-fi, atmosfærisk, ord som oppsummerer prosjektet.

Det er Jens, som vi kjenner for sitt virke i Picture Ann, som tipser. 

"The now-defunct lo-fi ambient project Sagntid released a digital single on the 29th of March entitled Dismal Gates.The tune is a previously unreleased one that was hidden away in the vault and somewhat forgotten until J.N. stumbled on it by chance a couple of months ago and decided to re-mix and edit the atmospheric piece so that it would be suitable for release. With great help and assistance from drummer J.H. (Signalfeide, SYN), the ominous cut was wrapped up and completed just the day before the ugly fucker was uploaded to the web and disseminated to all you moody listeners out there."

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Sagntid kom nylig med en splittutgivelse samme med Signalfeide, den sjekker du ut under her:

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