Sainted Sinners, skive ute

av yngve

Med David Reece (ex-Accept) i front.

Albumet, 'Back With A Venegance', er bandets andre så langt.

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David Reece om videoen til 'Burning A Candle': "The shooting was a challenge, because firstly the weather was cold and we shot some on the pier in Hamburg, but it was freezing balls and tough to do. We looked behind us and there was Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg, so we asked the manager out of need to warm up if we could shoot some footage and he luckily agreed, before we froze to death, ha-ha!"


  1. Rise Like A Phoenix 
  2. Burnin The Candle 
  3. Back With A Vengeance 
  4. Tell Me I Was Wrong 
  5. Nothin Left To Lose 
  6. Waitin 'till The Countdown Begins 
  7. Let It Go 
  8. When The Hammer Falls 
  9. Pretty Little Lies 
  10. Gone But Not Forgotten

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