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Sepultura søker tattoo til coverart (konkurranse)

av yngve

Unnamed (2)Brasilianerne feirer 30 år og søker coverart fra fansen, i form av en fan-tattoo.

"We wrote a new song that expresses the respect and love we have for you all, and the support we received during the last 30 years was overwhelming. No band has better fans like we have. We are still here doing what we do because of you! Lovers and haters alike, we are all one big family and we thank you! So, we will need your help once again! If you have a Sepultura tattoo on your skin, that tattoo can be on the artwork of our new release. It is going to be a historical release and you can be a part of this! Show our artwork on your skin and the passion you have for Sepultura."

Konkurransen startet 9, mars og går til 17, altså i fire dager til. Om du er gem, sjekk inn din Sepultura-relaterte tattoo til denne mailadressen .

"Sending the photo is automatically authorizing the use of the image. Also, the photos might be used on the upcoming Sepultura documentary, a production of Interface Films, Brazil."