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Silvera, tilregnelig videopremiere

av yngve

Silvera 23

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

"An all-rounded tune by the Danish modern rockers, which completely sets on fire in the catchy chorus and balances perfectly melody and heaviness. One of the highlights of Silvera's upcoming sophomore album."

Slik beskriver Mighty Music låten i presseskrivet. Takk til Fernando derfra for tips.

Tekst: "The song lyrics aim to convey a sense of being left behind or separated from someone important, capturing the emotions of uncertainty and a desire for connection. There's a palpable struggle to understand the choices made within the relationship. The imagery of shadows, darkness, and the interplay between internal and external perspectives suggests a deep emotional conflict and introspection that is difficult to overcome."

Silvera 24


Nyhet fra 05.04.24:

Danskene er ute med ny video, 'Utopian'.

"The wildcard in the upcoming Silvera album, Featuring harsh vocals and the immense talents of the Swiss band Dreamshade, Utopian crosses both universes in an unexpected way, creating something truly special."

Når skiva var så og si ferdig, fant bandet ut at de trengte en låt til, og laget denne der og da. Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

Silvera Singel 24

"In the final stages of recording their sophomore album, Danish rockers Silvera realized that two more songs were needed to complete the project. In a spontaneous turn of events, they decided to write one of these songs in the studio - a completely new process for them. As soon as the layers were added to the track, they sensed that they had introduced a fresh element to the Silvera flavor.

Inspiration struck, which led the collective to consider featuring harsh vocals on the song.That's when Silvera reached out to the talented individuals from Dreamshade, sharing their vision for the track. Their immediate understanding and incredible contribution transformed the song into something truly special."


Nyhet fra 01.03.24:

Videoen vi sjekker ut i dag er tittellåten på bandets kommende skive, releasedato er fortsatt ikke satt. 

Fernando@Mighty Music tipser.

"The brand new digital single and official video from Silvera features the classic sound from the Danes.  The song interconnects all the tracks on the album both musically and lyrically." Gitarist og vokalist Michael forteller : "I have always admired the persons that don’t follow the path  that is expected of them but instead follow their own instincts and go the other way. By  choosing this unknown route you will be taking a chance in life since you don’t know the  outcome. This requires a lot of courage and a strong-willed person" avslutter han. 

Silvera 24


Nyhet fra 12.01.24:

Danske hardrockere med ny låt og video.

Mighty Music og Fernando deler denne premieren med oss i dag. Skiva kommer i løpet av året, tittelen er World Behind Doors.

"Death Of Me is the brand new single and official video from the Danish modern melodic hard rockers Silvera. An addictive song that revolves around someone else’s influence on your mind, and the dire consequences of not being able to break free from it…"


Silvera Singel 24