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Sinnery, thrash fra Israel

av yngve

Sinnery Ep 23

Bandet planker aggressiv thrash, Ep kommer i høst.


Tipset kommer fra promotør Tom Brumpton@Polymath, skiva slippes 29. september via Exitus Stratagem Records.

"Thrash metal fans, brace yourself for an onslaught of unrelenting aggression as Israeli thrash metallers Sinnery returns with their latest EP Below the Summit. Across five tracks, they harness the essence of true thrash, delivering a sonic storm that will leave fans and critics alike gasping for breath and satisfied. The first single Share This, which was released on June 21st, 2023, was written when COVID first started, and it reflects on losing touch with what matters and being consumed by social media."

Bandet: "We're super excited to finally release Share This! It’s a song that injects extra energy into any venue we play it in and is probably one of the heaviest songs we've written. Share This is about how technological progress has stripped us from our humanity and the way that social media is used to get some crazy messages into our heads where some of us cease to think for ourselves any longer."

Bandet kom sammen tilbake i 2012, hvor gitarist Idan Kringel og vokalist/gitarist Alon Karnieli møtte hverandre på en musikkskole i Herzliya, Israel, "...and were hitched together to play in a band. It didn’t lead anywhere right away, but after a few years of pursuing other interests, they eventually revived the project, and the band took the form it has today."

Vi blir lovet "...catchy choruses, breakneck riffage and pummelling heaviness".

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Sinnery Band 23