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Soulfly med album i oktober (låt)

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Ny låt fra bandets kommende skive. Les mer i eldre nyheter under her.


Nyhet fra 18. august:

Bandet sliper 'Ritual' 19. oktober via Nuclear Blast. Så langt jeg vet blir det tre forskjellige lp-farger, og cd/digitalt. 

Max Cavalera: " I am really stoked to be working again with two of my favorite artists, Eliran Kantor and Marcelo Vasco!

The Ritual artwork is very mystic and captures the vibe of the album perfectly. For this one, we really tried to retain the groove of early Soulfly as well as my love for the heavy, fast stuff I’m into: like death and black metal and some hardcore. Working with Josh Wilbur for Soulfly this time around has been amazing. He’s a huge fan and added a lot to the record. I would fight for the fast songs and he would always push me to add more groove. I think in the end we created a really cool mix of songs that covers a lot of ground in my career. 

Let the Ritual begin!"

Skiva ble festet på tape og knadd på plass av Josh Wilbur, kjent for sitt arbeid med band som Killer Or Be Killed, Lamb Of God og Gojira.


  1. Ritual
  2. Dead Behind The Eyes (feat. Randy Blythe)
  3. The Summoning
  4. Evil Empowered
  5. Under Rapture (feat. Ross Dolan)
  6. Demonized
  7. Blood On The Street
  8. Bite The Bullet
  9. Feedback!
  10. Soulfly XI



Nyhet fra 17.12.17:

Og visstnok er det likheter med Roots-albumet fra Sepultura.

Det er Nuclear Blast som tipser. 

Planen er å gå i studio i januar og å slippe en skive til sommeren, via Nuclear Blast. Skiva skal være en retur til tribal-greia på 'Roots'.

Max sier at det kommende albumet vil bli "...deeply tribal, very spiritual. There's a concept. I cannot tell you much about it, 'cause it's kind of a surprise. But there is a concept behind the record, and I have not done a record with a concept like this since Roots."


I et intervju med bladet Backstage Axxess, sier Cavalera følgende: "I'm actually writing right now. I'm collecting the riffs right now and getting the ideas. I'm excited, because I think the album will have a little bit of a return to some tribal sounds that I haven't done since Prophecy. So that'll be cool, to return to some of that.

And then the rest of the album will be a continuation of Archangel; a lot of people like Archangel. And, of course, I think that it will be also somehow influenced by Psychosis, 'cause Psychosis was such a cool record that I'm sure that somewhere in the Soulfly record we'll have the influence of that on top of it too. So it'll be a really cool record to work on."

Soulfly 18

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