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Statement, video

av yngve

Statement 2022 Foto Nikolaj Bransholm

Bilde, fotograf: Nikolaj Bransholm

Danskene er ute med ny video/singel. Sive kommer, se eldre nyhet under.

Det er Fernando@Mighty Music som tipser.

Låten er basert på en ekte story forteller bandet: "...This is a real story about life on the road under miserable conditions on tour. The feeling of playing tiny stages and still delivering kick ass shows. Afterwards you’re being paid four beers and a package of stale peanuts, but despite it all, having the time of your life, making all the hard work worth the while, when you’re on that stage in front of the audience."


Nyhet fra 11.02.22:

Statement 22

Dansk melodisk hardrock står på menyen. Det er Fernando@Mighty Music som tipser.


'The Reaper' er første smakebit fra et kommende album, Mighty Music slipper, dato er fortsatt ikke klar.

"The Reaper is  the story of a regular family man, who hides a big secret – he has a  passion for killing, which he lives out when his wife and kids think he’s working at night."