Steel Engraved, tysk powermetal (video)

av yngve

Singel/video fra et kommende album. 

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Tyskerne slipper et selvtitulert album 25. januar, selskapet bak er ROAR Rock Of Angels Records, tipset kommer fra Alex@Rock'n Growl Promotion.

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Dette er bandets tredje skive, hvor debuten, State Of Siege, kom i 2009, og On High Wings We Fly i 2012. 

"Within those six years, many things happened; the band was very busy touring across Europe as well as playing a couple of one-off shows on different festivals and concerts. So it was never seriously discussed when to start recordings the predecessor of On High Wings We Fly. After a change in the line-up in 2016, the band felt that the time was right to get the spirit alive again!"


  1. Where Shadows Remain
  2. Generation Headless
  3. The Oppressed Will Fly
  4. Slave To Yourself
  5. Nightwarriors
  6. Rebellion
  7. Searching For Regret
  8. One By One
  9. Heat
  10. Your Inner Self
  11. Close Your Eyes
  12. We Will Follow (bonus)
  13. All That Lies Below (bonus)
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