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Suicide Silence, liveskive

av yngve

Nytt liveklipp:


Nyhet fra 14.07.19:

Californiabandet kom med liveskive for et par dager siden.

Bandet headlinet et "...special benefit show in support of Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHLA) at The Observatory in Santa Ana" leser vi. Det er Nuclear Blast som tipser.

Suicide Silence@Facebook

Bandet: "Although this benefit show was recorded way back in 2015, with mental health issues as relevant as ever in society today, we felt the desire to further propel the conversation throughout the metal scene, while also allowing fans to share in this special night of unreleased material with us."

Smak på Korn-coverlåten 'Blind' her:


  1. Unanswered (Live)
  2. No Pity For A Coward (Live)
  3. Inherit The Crown (Live)
  4. Wake Up (Live)
  5. Fuck Everything (Live)
  6. Cease To Exist (Live)
  7. Sacred Words (Live)
  8. Disengage (Live)
  9. Slaves To Substance (Live)
  10. You Can't Stop Me (Live)
  11. Destruction Of A Statue (Live)
  12. Blind (Live)
  13. Bludgeoned To Death (Live)
  14. You Only Live Once (Live)
Suicide Silence