Svart vikingfolk fra Hviterussland

av yngve

Withered Land 21

Bilde, fotograf: ukjent

Withered Land kommer med sitt debutalbum, smakebit her.

Bandet består av Olga Kann (musikk, arrangering, tekster, tangenter og bass), som tipset,  Alexander Rabets på vokal og gitarist Koliopanos Filippos. Sistnevnte er ikke med på bandbildet.

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Første singel ble presentert i går, 'Over Distant Shores' er hentet fra albumet 'The Endless Journey' (release 20.08.21).

"Withered Land is an Epic/Atmospheric Black metal project with folk/viking elements. The material for the debut album has been accumulating over the years. The official year of the creation of the project can be considered 2020, when Belarusian composer and mastermind of the project Olga Kann invited compatriot vocalist Alex Rabets and Greek guitarist/sound engineer Koliopanos Filippos to participate in the recording the debut full-length.

Om låten: "Over Distant Shores is the fourth track from the upcoming album. In this song, a fearless but wounded warrior fights in his main battle - for his life, being on his own kind of esoteric journey on the other side of consciousness. On his way he will meet the mighty mountains, cold rocks and distant shores, but will his spirit be able to return to the world of the living?"

Withered Land Album 21