Karmøygeddon 23 B

Svensker hyller Kiss

av yngve

Johan@Sound Pollution sendte over en snutt hvor svenske The Gloria Story kjører en tribute til Kiss.

Låten bandet har lagd video til, og som er sluppet som singel (23. juni) er Live Your Life In Shame.

"Swedish old school rockers The Gloria Story holds Kiss as one of their main influences. This year marks Kiss 40:th anniversary. It is also the year that Kiss finally got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Gloria Story's song Live your Life in Shame is all about life as a Kiss-fan. It's packed with Kiss-referenses and is nothing short of an hommage to one of the greatest rock-groups of all time. The video - filled with flames, girls, action and a lot of KISSING - is released on the same day as Kiss kicks off their 40:th anniversary-tour together with Def Leppard. The Live your Life in Shame-video is The Gloria Story's way of saying: Thank you Kiss for the music during 40 years of Rock and Roll, and congratulations on the RARHOF induction."

Note: "The Gloria Story didn't want to use the iconic, trademark KISS-makeup in the video, because it would be a little too obvious. Instead the four different girls appearing in the video wears different colour lipstick - each of them representing the theme-colour from the the original four Kiss solo-albums, and each of them representing the classic Kiss-song girls aka Christine, Beth, Shandi and Domino."

The Gloria Story@Facebook