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Tank, ny video

av yngve

999565 10151644164233509 1007659746 NMetal Mind Productions sendte over ny video fra engelskmennene.

Låten er hentet fra bandet siste skive, 'Valley Of Tears', du leser anmeldelse fra meg HER.


Cliff Evans: "We didn’t want to make the usual low budget, derelict warehouse style video that so many bands seem to go for these days so in order to do the song justice we decided to find a more interesting location. 

We contacted Dale Webb at MGV and he found the ideal backdrop that provided the essential vibe that goes so well with the song. Unusually for this part of Spain the weather was stormy and overcast but that added a great atmosphere to the performance.

The video really captures the raw energy but also the laid back side of the band. We like nothing better than playing our own brand of rock ’n’ roll and drinking beer together!"


Mick Tucker:  "We’re so pleased with the amazing response that we’ve had for our Valley of Tears album which was released at the end of last year.

We wanted to portray the songs visually so we decided to invest in making a couple of top quality videos for our fans to enjoy and share the experience of what we’re doing. We only had one day to film everything we needed so it was hard work but we had plenty of cold Estrella beer close to hand to keep us going."