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Teramaze, nytt album (video)

av yngve

Teramaze 20

Australierne er klare med sitt nye album om få dager.


Albumet, 'I Wonder', kommer på Wells Music 9. oktober. Singelen du sjekker over her er 'A Deep State Of Awake'. Gjestevokalist på denne låten er Jason Wisdom fra Death Therapy.

Vokalist og gitarist Dean Wells: "I Wonder is an album I’ve personally wanted to write for a very long time. Having Andrew, Chris and Nick in this chapter of Teramaze was the perfect formula to do so. I believe we achieved everything we set out to within this body of music. It’s the most emotional and honest I have been as a songwriter in my life and it’s been a great challenge. I’ve truly enjoyed the process of writing, singing and recording lead vocals as well. If you are a true Teramaze fan, then you are going to love this album!"


  1. Ocean Floor
  2. Only Daylight
  3. Lake 401
  4. A Deep State Of Awake
  5. Here To Watch You
  6. Sleeping Man
  7. Idle Hands/The Devil’s Workshop
  8. RUN
  9. This Is Not A Drill
  10. I Wonder