The Big Dirty, Uk-sexrock

av yngve

Northamptonbandet er ute med video til låten. 'Whiskey Pistol'.

Det er Tom og Polymath PR som sendte over klippet. Sjekk om det er noe for deg, det er glamma, sleeze, litt punk, og en tø rock?

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"As if The Big Dirty couldn't make you any more moist, they just unleashed the  whiskey pistol. Ready, aim, squirt! Are you holding your whiskey pistol? Cause we're  holding ours!

"Describing their sound as sex rock, the Northampton rockers music does exactly what it says on the tin and you can hear it on Dirty Rider.

So why are they called The Big Dirty? They wanted a name that left no confusion to what they're are all about. Big, loud and larger than life. Dirty.... Well listen to the music and you'll see why."

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

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