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The Haunted, skive ute, video klar

av yngve
'Exit Wounds' kom i handel 25. august, Century Media står for slippet og tipset.

Vokalist Marco forteller om videoen: "Here's the video to go with our song Cutting Teeth. We decided to make a video that matched the brutality in the song, so we contacted a guy we had heard great things about, Jakob Arevärn. With Jakob at the helm, the filming and all the stuff around the shoot went really smooth - and it turns out - I made a good friend along the way too! So here it is...enjoy and we'll see you all soon!"


Trommeslager Adrian Erlandsson tar for seg skiveslippet: "Our brand new face-ripping album Exit Wounds is ready for release! Some of our heaviest tunes ever reside on this release and we can’t wait for you to hear it! We are once again ready tear up stages around the world…See you in the pit!!!"

Er du sugen på en kopi, null problem, bare kjøp, det er garantert et eller annet format for deg :)

  • Standard Jewel Case CD 
  • Digital Download 
  • Limited edition Mediabook CD (Incl.2 bonustracks and expanded booklet)
  • LP / Black 180gr. Vinyl – Unlimited
  • LP / White 180gr. Vinyl – Limited to 100x (Exclusive via CM Webshop)
  • LP / Transparent Red 180gr. Vinyl – Limited to 200x (Exclusive via CM Distro USA)
  • LP / Clear 180gr. Vinyl – Limited to 100x (Exclusive via NBR)
  • Boxset – Limited to hand-numbered 500x worldwide (Exclusive via CM Distro. 
  • Contains the Mediabook CD, a beanie, a patch, 3 buttons and a poster)

Bandet er å finne på John Dee i Oslo 2. oktober, sammen med  Dead Soul og Miasmal.