The Osiris Club, nytt album

av yngve

Osiris Club 18Uk-bandet kommer med sitt andre band om få dager.

Det er Jelena@Indie Recordings som tipser, og det er også andre slipp på dette norske selskapet.

'The Wine-Dark Sea' kommer i handel 23. februar, og hvor det musikalske er forklart som " rock, metal and post-punk." Bandet er inspirert av filmer og tegnerserier, og dette kommende albumet er lyrisk plassert i disse kategoriene.

"...the nine tracks that comprise the album are a darkly psychedelic journey into sound. Drummer and principal writer Andrew Prestidge on the album’s influences: Much as we were proud of the first album we felt we needed to move forward with this release, both musically and lyrically. Several of the songs were shaped by the strange horror stories of Robert Aickman and H.P. Lovecraft."

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"We wanted to create a spooky, foreboding atmosphere, the same as you would find on 1970s albums by King Crimson or Genesis." T

Coveret er som sist mekket av trommeslager Andrew Prestidge i samarbeid med Julia Harris fra Nouvo Creative, "... whose terrifying doll's-house art montage revives childhood memories of trauma and unease. The illustrations included in the album package mirror the range of emotions the music provokes in the listener, and serve as a suitable counterpoint to each song. Once more, the Osiris Club have dug deep to bring their innermost creativity into the world. The Wine-Dark Sea is both the closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new story."


  1. Wormwood Grange
  2. Island of Stone
  3. The Hopeless Distance
  4. Mausoleum
  5. The Signal
  6. Ringing The Changes
  7. With The Giants
  8. Citadel of The Fly
  9. A Winters Night On Sentinal Hill