Karmøygeddon 24

Tilbake til skogen...

av yngve

In The Woods LogoIn The Woods... melder at det skjer ting blant trærne og stubbene.

Trommeslager Kobro la igjen en liten tekst, som jeg naturligvis deler med dere. 

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"Hot off the heels of their mind blowing 2016 opus Pure, Norway’s In The Woods… return with their latest genre-destroying masterpiece, Cease the Day. Continuing to refine and perfect their sound while ever expanding it in new directions, Cease the Day is a powerful and kaleidoscopic effort. A thunderous undercurrent of melodic riffing drives these songs forward, elements of doom, death, and progressive metal all coming together to form a cohesive whole. Chilling ambience, psychedelia, avant-garde, and deep soaring vocals ebb and flow to craft a unique sound that truly must be heard to be believed. 

With Cease the Day, In The Woods… continue to prove themselves as masters of whatever craft they choose to pursue.

New ventures await…"