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Tomorrow's Outlook, skive i år

av yngve

Bandet melder inn skive mot midten av året.

Vi har vært innom metalbandet en del her på, og det er klassiske greier dette. Også denne gang har de fått med seg selveste Roy Z til produsentrollen, samtidig som han spiller gitar på fem av sporene!

Tomorrow's Outlook@Facebook

"For the post production and mixing of our new album, Black Waves, we will continue to work with our good friend Roy Z. Roy has produced some of our all-time favorite albums with Bruce Dickinson, and has also worked with Rob Halford, Judas Priest, Helloween, Yngwie Malmsteen and also our good friends from Aria. Musically we are very much on the same page and we have high expectations that Roy will take this album to the next level. Roy will also play guitar on 5 songs on the album. Stay tuned for more news!"

Skiva er også debuten for ny lineup:

  • Andreas Stenseth (bass)
  • Øystein Kvile Hanssen (gitar)
  • Valentino Francavilla (gitar)
  • Owe Lingvall (trommer)
  • Tony Johannessen (vokal)


  1. Eventide
  2. Oceans of Sadness
  3. Black Hearts and Roses in Snow
  4. Black Waves
  5. Silver Ghost
  6. Wait For The Sun
  7. Procession To Pikeholme (Instrumental)
  8. Lament of the Damned
  9. When Falls The Axe
  10. The Monument
  11. The Calm (Aria-cover)
Tomorrow's Outlook 21