Karmøygeddon 24

Transport League's svarte sol (videopremière)

av yngve

Transport League 2020

Bilde, fotograf; Ukjent

Svenskene covrer Soundgarden i sin nye video.

Det er Fernando@Mighty Music som deler.

Transport League@Facebook

"Swedish boogie rock'n rollers Transport League celebrate one of the biggest rock bands  on the planet, Soundgarden, with their very own version of the timeless classic Black Hole  Sun. The song features the great Robert Rib Guz Ritchiesse on viola da gamba, harp  fiddle and Celtic harp."

Gitarist og vokalist  Tony Jelencovich: "We accepted the challenge to make a cover of this timeless song. Chris Cornell was an outstanding vocalist and this is our contribution to the memory of his legacy."