Karmøygeddon 23 B

Trivium og Sikth (Oslo 24.02.17)

av yngve

14859652 1238957136163740 4851558223009619509 OBanda bekrefter at de kommer til Norge tidlig neste år.

Turneen, som bærer navnet Silence In The Snow, kommer til Oslo og Rockefeller dn 24. februar neste år. 

Vokalist Mikee Goodman/Sikth: "Can you believe it but we've never actually toured Europe! It's so exciting for us to play in so many countries we have never even been to.

When touring USA in the summer for the first time we met so many fans we never knew existed. We hope to do the same and make more in Europe. There are such awesome venues to play on this tour. Talking of places we haven’t played before - the Roundhouse in London is going to immense, and we’re really buzzing about going back to Ireland too!

Huge thanks to Trivium for taking us out, this tour is going to amazing."