Tysondog, it is alive!

av yngve

Singel/lyricvideo er klar fra engelskmennene. 

'It Lives' er basert på et "...solid heavy metal riff, with a chord progression that gets denser and denser until the guitar solo and the liberating subsequent chorus. It has the Tysondog trademark sound all over it and it’s sure to be one of the favourite tracks of Midnight, when it gets released in the end of April."

Releasedato er 29. april, formater er lp (gjennomsiktig red/black vinyl, limited til 300 kopier), CD og digitalt.

"Back in 1984 the likes of Malcolm Dome, Geoff Barton & Dante Bonutto were tipping Tysondog for major success, emerging at that time from the force that had become known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. One way or another, the fates conspired to deprive Tysondog of the international fame that so many thought they were destined for and in time the band disappeared from the limelight."

Tysondog 21

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Nyhet fra 04.02.22:


Videopremiere fra Nwobhm-bandet.


'Midnight' er låten, skive kommer i 2022, selskapet er From The Valuts, tipset kommer fra Fernando@Mighty Music.

"The song Midnight is the title-track of the upcoming album and puts immediately  the Newcastle quintet on track with their roots, blasting a Nwobhm power with a timeless  metal atmosphere, while throwing in some solid riffs and amazing harmonies. This is pure  Tysondog and it foreshows a great album for the UK band this year."

Tysondog 22