Karmøygeddon 24

Uk-Thrash hjelper hjemløse!

av yngve


Og det kan du også være med på, sjeldent har det vært lettere å støtte opp.

Du kan støtte ved å kjøpe en samleskive proppfull av engelske thrashband, som kommer i april. Bandcamp er stedet du kan legge inn bestilling, og folkens, dette er første gang Sputnik har vært sitert her: Lukk opp din hjertedør!!!

Neil Brannagan-Fuller, UK Thrashers: "Homelessness in the United Kingdom should be a thing of the past. However it is in reality a plight that increasingly affects people, with nearly six million people in high-risk housing, 90,000 in temporary accomodation and hostels and at least 5,000 people a night sleeping on the streets, a situation made even more difficult due to the current global pandemic." 

In 2020 the team at UK Thrashers decided to send a call out to the UK thrash community, asking them to come together to help support the homeless charity Shelter. The result was twenty six bands contributing tracks to the album Moshin' The Roof On and £2,000 of invaluable funds being raised. That, however, was no more the end of the story for UK Thrashers than it was for Shelter or for all the people still struggling to survive on our streets. So on April 9th Moshin' The Roof On 2 will be unleashed - this time featuring thirty of the UK's finest thrash outfits, from established names like Solitary, Virus, Suicide Watch and Elimination to hungry new speed freaks, heralding in a new mosh age, like Thrasherwolf and Tortured Demon.

Moshin' The Roof On 2, featuring two hours and twenty minutes of prime thrash metal, will be available as a double CD jewel case with exclusive artwork and a digital download, exclusively via the UK Thrashers BandCamp page. Pre-orders are open now and all those who order before March 7th will have their names printed in the CD booklet as a special thank you - so get those orders in now!"


Band: Acid For Blood, Ashen Crown, Blacklist, Day Of Wrath, Dead Before Mourning, Decimator, Dislocator, Dissension, Elyrean, Elimination, Hellfekted, Ifreann, Imperium, In Which It Burns, Incinery, Militia, Night Fighter, Novichok, Sawticide, Scarred By Truth, Sepulchre, Sidewinder, Solitary, Steel Mage, Suicide Watch, Tempashot, Thrasherwolf, Thrashsquatch, Tortured Demon og Virus.