Karmøygeddon 24

Ulven returnerer... (video)

av yngve

Tittelkuttet er her, skyggen kaller!


Nyhet fra 28.01.22:

Ny video fra bandets kommende skive:


Nyhet fra 22.12.21:

Wolf 22

Vi må inn i skyggene for å finne svenskene i 2022.


'Shadowland', bandets niende studioskive, kommer 1. april 2022 via Century Media.

Niklas Stalvind: " So, we are finally at the point when the new Wolf album is recorded, mixed and mastered. It is done! For obvious reasons we haven’t toured since the release of Feeding The Machine, which meant we could put all our time and efforts on putting a new album together and so we have. And let me tell you that we are super stoked about it! Speaking for myself, the sound reminds me of an updated version of the Evil Star album with that in-your-face clarity and the songs reminds me of the melodic, yet sinister, The Black Flame album, and at the same time I hear something new as well. I’m sure fans of all eras of Wolf will find something they like in this album. We can’t wait to hear the audience reaction to it next time we play live again. Metal never dies!"

Bilde, fotograf: Per Knutsson

Wolf 21 Fotograf Per Knutsson