Karmøygeddon 24

Uncanny, debutalbum

av yngve

Uncanny 24

Trioen slipper debutskive i april. 


Det er en underlabel av Nordic Mission som står påført med logo på skiva, Overhead Productions. Release er notert til 19. april, formater du kan velge i når tiden er inne, er lp, cd-digipack og i digital drakt. 

Jeg har vært innom de før, og anmeldte en ep tilbake i 2016, sjekk HER .

"Focused on being a hard hitting power trio that stands out in a highly saturated pool of same-sounding progressive metal, Uncanny's debut album started to emerge in 2020. At the center of this 8 track album, is the larger-than-life baritone guitar and an angelic/demonic lead guitar emulsified by a Meshuggah-loving worship drummer.

Starting out as a trio jamming in 2013, while still looking for a singer and a bass player they started amplifying the baritone with both a guitar and bass amp to compensate for the lack of low end. After a short while they forwent the idea of adding any more members, forcing themselves to create instrumental music that'll make sure you won't miss neither vocals nor bass. The result is a dynamic debut album, consisting of cut-the-crap in-your-face metal as well as prog eposes, with loads of room sound and no use of drum triggers or samples at all.

This is Uncanny – a trio making sounds from the uncanny valley that are both beautiful and ugly, awesome and awful, familiar yet unfamiliar all at the same time."