Karmøygeddon 23 B

Undertakers, albumpremiere

av yngve

Vi snakker italiensk iconic anarcho-grind squad, og vi snakker samleskive.

Dictatorial Democracy er en blandeskive fra bandets tidligere utgivelser, men inneholder også nytt materiale. 2020 markerer tilbakekomsten for italienerne, som jeg skjønner har vært borte fra scenen siden 2004. 

"Undertakers started as a classic death metal band (back in 91), but over the years their sound has become a frenetic and brutal mix of grind, death metal and hardcore."

Bandet: "Dictatorial Democracy sums up the career of a band that started in 1993. We took a couple of years break and then decided to come back in these hectic and critical times. This album represents the past, present and future of our band: our blend of death metal, grind and hardcore has changed a bit over the years, but the sincere and no-bullshit attitude behind it has always stayed the same. And we’re proud of it."

Utgivelsen her slippes i morgen, og selskapet bak er Time To Kill Records. Tipset kom fra Anubi Press og Luca.

"Dictatorial Democracy features a few brand new songs, old classics from the band's back catalog and a couple of acclaimed cover songs: Fascist Pig, originally by Suicidal Tendencies, and Ripetutamente by Neapolitan band 99 Posse."

Undertakers Album 20