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Unleash The Archers, skive

av yngve

Unleash The Archers 20 Foto Shimon Karmel

Bilde, fotograf: Shimon Karmel

Bandet slipper skive om få dager.

Det kanadiske melodiøse powermetalbandet er aktuelle med nytt album, Abyss,  21. august, Napalm Records tår bak slippet og tipset.

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  1. Waking Dream
  2. Abyss
  3. Through Stars
  4. Legacy
  5. Return To Me
  6. Soulbound
  7. Faster Than Light
  8. The Wind That Shapes The Land
  9. Carry The Flame 
  10. Afterlife 

Om videoen sier vokalist Brittney dette:

"This song is what we call a quick-banger in the UTA camp. It's short, fast, catchy, and never lets up. We always have one of these on every record; the kind of song that makes you want to turn the dial up to 11, maybe drive a little faster, perhaps even stand up and headbang by yourself in the middle of the room. This track re-introduces the four sons of The Matriarch as enslaved, unstoppable, half-dead beings that won't give up until The Immortal is destroyed, and we feel like it can stand on its own while not giving too many of the album's secrets away... Get out your air-guitars 'cause this one is blistering!"

Unleash The Archers 20