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Void King, amerikansk stonerdoomroll

av yngve

Amerikanerne kommer med skive i september, smak her. Albumet bærer navnet 'Barren Dominion' og dukker opp via Off The Record (13.09.19).

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"On Barren Dominion the band harnessed raw emotion and embraced a darker, heavier sound to express three years of personal and group struggles and victories."

Gitarist Tommy: "At the heart of it, this record is who we are. Jason and I have been through some pretty trying times in the last couple of years and managed to rise above it all. I wouldn't go so far to call this a concept record, but there is a theme running through the entire thing."


  1. A Lucid Omega
  2. Leftover Savages
  3. Burnt At Both Ends
  4. of Whip And Steed
  5. Temples Made of Bone
  6. Learning From The Ashes
  7. Crippled Chameleon
  8. The Longest Winter
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